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So how do you turn an idea, into a completed non-fiction ebook? There’s, of course, the actual writing, proofreading, editing to start with. Then the technical stuff of producing the ebook, the cover, which format? Not to mention how to launch, market and sell your ebook!

It’s all so confusing and complicated when all you really want to do is write! e-book publishing does not need to be hard work.

I went through this angst with my first ebook. But reflecting on it now, I can see how much simpler it could have been. So whilst I am putting these skills to work in my subsequent writing I am able to assist you with your ebook and orchestrate its success on Kindle.

You may want to publish an ebook to:

  • To earn extra cash as a one off
  • To write a series of ebooks
  • To set up your own publishing company
  • To promote your business

I will show you how to self-publish an ebook and sell it. I can do everything for you or just the bits that you need help with.

Your interests may be in eBooks about:

  • Your business
  • Business
  • Self Help
  • Non-Fiction

You may only need some consultancy or want me to do everything so all you need to do is wait for the sales to come in!

In short, I offer authors and writers a complete non-fiction, ebook publishing consultancy. So if you want to know how to self publish an ebook, get in touch.

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