How to market a non-fiction ebook

After writing your non-fiction,  ebook, comes the marketing part. What most writers forget is how they are going to sell their ebook; whether it’s their first or their twentieth. Depending on what your goal is; maybe selling a few copies, or just getting something to connect with your audience, you need to plan well on how you are going to sell your idea.
Most writers don’t know that putting their ideas into writing doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be dying to read it, hence buy it. Marketing your ebook can be a real task. However, if you are willing to do the hard work, there is potential for success. Well, here are some smart tips you can use to market your ebook online:

1 Have a Blog and a Website

It’s important that during the process of writing your ebook, you have an active website or a blog. That way, you post tips and ideas about your upcoming ebook. Also, your audience can relate well to the subject matter of your ebook. Create a website that reflects your ebook and resonates with your readers. A blog allows you to engage with your future readers and can help you build traffic to your landing page. Besides, blogging gives you a chance to improve your writing skills.

2) Begin to market with Pre-launch landing pages

Most writers are actually not aware of the importance of creating an excellent email list before publishing. However, it’s a brilliant and one of the most efficient ways of keeping in touch with your future audience/buyers. Pre-launch landing promotions can go a long way in generating interest in your eBook. This will help create interest even before you publish your ebook. A pre-launch promotion gives your eBook a better chance of being successful. Moreover, a landing page can help you communicate with your audience.

3) Target reaching your audience using Social Media

Try as much to market your author profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will make you get lots of likes and clicks that can significantly promote good reads. You can also use websites such to engage your future readers in a brilliant way. You can as well pay for Facebook Ads if you are solemn about seeing your ebook sell.  The social media pages can be a really effective method when it comes to promoting your pre-launch promotions, getting more hits for your page and creating awareness about your book.

4) Make use of Email Marketing Automation Campaigns

Stay in touch with readers who are giving you positive responses by sending those emails. This will keep your readers posted on the progress of your ebook. Using the social media, you can ask your audience to connect with you on their social sites. Make great us of Email Marketing Automation Campaigns to send emails at timed intervals. This way, you can always re-plan your emails especially when you get too busy. In such a way, popularizing yourself and your eBook will mean that your book stands a chance of selling.

5) Announce the release of your ebook

Just like any writer would do, promote your book with a press release. Also, you can put an article on your blog or website that specifically talks about the release of your ebook. Make good use of sites that relate well to the idea in your ebook. This way you can safely reach all your target audience.