How to use ebooks to promote your business

With over a billion people now using the internet all over the planet, it’s safe to say that we’re indeed living the digital age. People are relentlessly surfing the web, searching for useful concerning financial services, medical information, property and real estate listings, academic research, gossiping, etc. They are looking to satisfy their curiosity, though, to a savvy businessperson, the consumption of information means that the need for fresh information is virtually unending. This article is about how to use ebooks to promote your business.

If you are a smart entrepreneur looking to promote your business, one great avenue of having it known is by packaging the information and distributing them online. An ebook dished out freely and affordably to your business’ ardent customers and suppliers will certainly promote your firm’s reach.

Why use an ebook to offer valuable information and promote your business

An e-book is much like a regular book, only which it comes in an electronic manner. Unlike the standard ones, however, an ebook needs zero reproduction costs. It is both easy to put together and free to send and deliver and doesn’t go out of fashion.

It’s more than a book

One important factor to note about using it as a promotional tool is that they aren’t just books, but contain wordings and concepts as well as absolutely anything that can be accessed online. You can create one about your business and give it more value by including multimedia presentations therein. This means that, for once, anyone having the book will not have to contact you for any clarifications or surf the web and perhaps head over to your competitor businesses.

 A great advertising tool

Indeed, anyone using an eBook in their business promotion campaigns is guaranteed to reap immense benefits. The idea has a potential of maintaining a “Viral” marketing campaign started and boosted by the business’ sworn customers. Yet it is true to say that an eBook is available digitally and requires no cost to be sent means, anyone can virtually spend much making it go viral.

A dozen ways of using an ebook to promote a business

Given the “sophisticated” ways a simple eBook can bolster a business, buoyed by its uniqueness, this tool indeed presents a plethora of ways of doing that. It can increase revenues, generate more leads, capture opt-ins, enhance your business’ image and visibility, and keep you relevant and other promotional routes.

In fact, with an ebook, you can

⦁ Record a short video featuring your best salesperson pitching a product.
⦁ Create and intelligible demonstration of the way your product works.
⦁ Use its content to let your customers know if you are handling their replies and complaints well.
⦁ Initiate interactive sessions with your users – using compiled interviews and Q & A sessions.
⦁ Unleash gift and offers to existing and potential customers to spur and strengthen goodwill.
⦁ Promote your blog as well as your social media channels and increase your interaction.

Would you like to create a viral ebook?

Follow the following steps:
⦁ Come up with a short report of, say 10-15 pages, that has solutions to a particular issue or offers valuable information and provide limited copies.
⦁ Use your business report and make it appear like a professionally designed eBook.
⦁ In your website or where the book can be obtained, all a “Share” or “Gift” button so that it can be spread out to other customers and would-be clients.
⦁ Give it out freely – via Social Media, paid-for routes, word-of-mouth, etc. be a giver, and you will be dismayed at the number of visitors on your website.

Final thoughts

Information or knowledge is power, and when you compile the best facts and deliver them to your business’ followers, you will suddenly grow your reach. With an eBook, all those digital stuff (audio and video), besides text, have a potential of reaching a wider space, than using any other media. But with every eBook about your business, don’t forget to include your contact details.