How to publish an ebook on Kindle

What’s your motivation behind creating an ebook? Are you mesmerized by the countless and seemingly juicy stories about individuals reaping thousands after self-publishing an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle? Or, would you like to write on about your business and perhaps earn a few bucks over the web? Whatever your answers are, it’s absolutely rational creating an ebook, but when you choose to commercialize it, you automatically become a contemporary author. Truth be told, the exciting process of writing an ebook and publishing it through Amazon Kindle is rewarded by the amounts earned after every purchase. Kindle is virtually the leading eReader, besides iPad and the Noon. And, it basically means that you have a great publishing partner and a higher chance of having your ebook purchased.

Why Amazon Kindle?

It’s been said, time and again, that every one of us has a book in them, but just a few have the courage and time to write it down. With Kindle via Amazon, however, aspiring self-publishers have no reason to complain. But first, why Amazon Kindle?

  1. Kindle ranks as the largest and top selling product on Amazon. They do the actual promotion for you.
    Amazon now pays writers per every page read.
  2. Over 30% of the entire American adult populace read at least one ebook every year, and over 50% of all American adults own a Kindle, and thus a bigger chance of getting your book viewed.
    Amazon Kindle Publishing offers a comparatively higher percentage on Royalties.
Steps before Publishing an ebook
  1. Indeed, it’s quick and easy to self-publish an ebook through Amazon’s KDP after a fiery abyss of writing. You can’t do that without a valid Amazon account already. To sign up or log in to an existing account, you must head to the Kindle Direct Publishing site.
  2. However, before reaching the Publish stage, I’ll assume that you have already written the book, of course, after three drafts - the “vomit” draft, the review draft and the final one or editorial. It is the multiple versions and iterations that differentiate each of them, albeit it is the editorial version that marks the end of the writing stage.
  3. Formatting and Designing mark the second stage and perhaps the step that comes right before self-publishing it. To format it for Kindle, you can use a program called Calibre or just hire a professional for a few hundred bucks.
  4. It’s also at this make-or-break stage that you find a great design for your ebook's cover. Remember to find a proper piece that will make your product professionally done and appealing.
How to self-publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle

At this, very critical stage, all you will need is stable and reliable internet connection, an already done eBook and, of course, your KDP account.

The entire guideline is as below:
1.  Sign in to your Kindle account.
2.  Enter in your tax information for Royalties.
3.  Click “Bookshelf” followed by the “Add new title.”
4.  Fill out the form that the title of your ebook, its description, and relevant keywords.
5.  Upload the cover file, in JPEG format or use the cover creator tool.
7.  Once done, upload the ebook file.
8.  Preview the already uploaded book to ensure that everything is right.
9.  If everything looks set, proceed by clicking the “Save and Continue” tab.
10. Continue to the “Rights and Pricing” page and choose the “Worldwide Rights” option.
11. Go for the 70% Royalty rate before selecting your price.
12. Now, head out to the “Save and Publish” part. You can “Save for later” if you prefer to finish it later, though.
Amazon will notify you that it is ready (normally between 24 and 48 hours) and its status will be “Live.”

At this point, you must be smart - use incentives, send the book to your mailing list, share it online, promote your ebook, etc.

If you need help with any of this contact me

Write a how-to ebook for Amazon Kindle in 7 easy steps

Do you want to profit from the popularity of the Amazon Kindle? This electronic book reader is a hit! For you, this means a good potential to make money, but how? There are a number of ways to profit from the Amazon Kindle, such as working as a paid affiliate. If you are an author, even just a web author, you can profit from the popularity of the Kindle by using your talent. You can write an ebook and sell it as a Kindle Book.

So, how do you get started?

1 – Decide on a Category

To write a how-to ebook, choose a category. It is easier to write on interesting topics. Take a passion of yours and profit from it. Do you like to build dollhouses? Write a how-to guide on doing so. With how-to guides, your options are virtually unlimited. Popular books include those that show readers how to save money, combat global warming, make money, and do home improvement projects.

2 – Create an Outline

To increase productivity and reduce writer’s block, write an outline. Do this by hand or on the computer. Write what you want to include in your ebook. If you want to show readers how to replace a kitchen countertop, your sections can include needed tools, tips for buying equipment, preparation, the replacement process, and cleaning tips.

3 – Write the Introduction

Your ebook introduction should be at least two paragraphs. Start with a catchy phrase. For an e-book instructing readers on how to replace their kitchen countertop, your introduction can say “Are you tired of looking at an old, dreary kitchen counter? Don’t wait any longer.”

State the point of your ebook, which may be showing readers how to replace their kitchen countertop. Mention how your e-book can help them accomplish their goal. Then, thank them for joining you on the journey.

4 – Write the Chapters

How-to books are shorter than novels. You shouldn’t focus on word count or page length. Instead, just write until all points are made. With that said, each chapter should be at least three pages long. Take each of your sections from your outline and describe them in great detail.

5 – Write the Conclusion

For the conclusion of your ebook, restate your main points. Unlike the introduction, the conclusion can be as short as one paragraph or even once sentence.

6 – Proofread and Edit

Proofread and edit your ebook.

7 – Proofread and Edit Again

The importance of a well-written and edited ebook cannot be stressed enough. When selling on, all products are subject to reviews. Make sure yours are positive by eliminating grammar errors. So, proofread and edit your book multiple times before proceeding.

Your ebook can be uploaded to Kindle once correctly formatted.

These are the 7 steps that you need to understand, to write a how-to eBook for Amazon Kindle.

Drop me a line to talk about getting your ebook published now that you know how to write an ebook.